February Specials

Mandaean Chicken

We like to call this dish “dijaj suhba” (pronounced: dee-jah-j suh-buh“), which translates to “Mandaean chicken.” Dijaj Suhba is a family recipe from our Mandaean people, a religious tribe from Iraq. Mandaeanism is the oldest Gnostic monotheistic religion left in the world.

“Mandaean chicken” features a savory cornish hen stuffed and served with a bowl of soup made from the chicken broth that features a cooked onion and a hard-boiled egg


Our appetizer of the month is a spicy vegan red dip from the Levantine region of the Middle East called muhammara which means “reddened” in Arabic.

This dip is made of roasted red peppers, walnuts, and bread crumbs blended together. Spicy and flavorful, the taste and texture will keep you warm all month long.

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