Zooroona’s March Specials

Appetizer of the Month: Baked Kubbah

Our appetizer of the month is kubbah (or known in Levantine Arabic dialects as “kibbeh”).

In Iraqi tradition, kubbah is typically fried and served thin and crispy (and in Lebanese tradition, it’s served raw!). To try something different, we have spun the delicacy and baked it pan-style.

Kubbah is a combination of bulgar wheat, beef, and Moroccan spices, all ground together. We’ve baked it all to perfection and topped with garlic sauce and peperoncino.

Entrée of the Month: Spinach Stew

You’ve probably caught on that we love stew. We’ll throw any combination of veggies and meats into a savory tomato-based stew and eat it over rice. This dish, in Arabic called “mar-ga” (مارقة) is a traditional way to prepare a meal. Consider it the paella of the Middle East, but in stew form. This particular combination, however, is a personal favorite of the manager’s. This stew is cooked with succulent pieces of lamb, spinach, black eyed peas, seven different Syrian spices, and cilantro, brewed to perfection (per usual) and served with our traditional rice.
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