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April Specials

Appetizer of the Month: Sfiha (pronounced "s-fee-ha") This Levantine dish may ring familiar to those who remember our Turkish Pizza menu item. We sauteed a blend of ground lamb, pine nuts, pomegranate molasses and tahini, and laid it on top of freshly baked dough. Perfect the layers of taste by pairing this appetizer with our [...]

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Zooroona’s March Specials

Appetizer of the Month: Baked Kubbah Our appetizer of the month is kubbah (or known in Levantine Arabic dialects as “kibbeh”). In Iraqi tradition, kubbah is typically fried and served thin and crispy (and in Lebanese tradition, it's served raw!). To try something different, we have spun the delicacy and baked it pan-style. Kubbah [...]

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Valentine’s Day

Zooroona would love to have each and every one of you as our Valentine’s Day date! In order to accommodate for you all, our hours will be a bit different on Sunday, February 14, 2016. We will be open from Noon to 9:00 p.m. We will not be serving our Sunday buffet, but we will feature a special Valentine’s Day menu [...]

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February Specials

Mandaean Chicken We like to call this dish "dijaj suhba" (pronounced: dee-jah-j suh-buh"), which translates to “Mandaean chicken.” Dijaj Suhba is a family recipe from our Mandaean people, a religious tribe from Iraq. Mandaeanism is the oldest Gnostic monotheistic religion left in the world. "Mandaean chicken" features a savory cornish hen stuffed and [...]

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The Western Herald Reviews Zooroona

Jonathan Chong of the Western Herald reviews Zooroona. The different flavors and aromas convey a different kind of Middle Eastern dining you will not find anywhere else in the Kalamazoo area. Totally worth an adventurous food night out with the friends. View Article

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Zooroona Featured on MLive

My family is still talking about our recent trip to Zooroona Restaurant and Lounge, where we sat in a curtain-enclosed booth on thick, colorful pillows and ate scrumptious Middle Eastern food. Jerry Campbell of MLive.com visits Zooroona and reviews the decor, service, and food. View Article

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Salvage Slave & the Zooroona Decor

We took advantage of the competitively priced, locally sourced salvage that both Heritage Companies supply and mixed warm rustic pieces with new materials in sun-baked colors of the region. View Article

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